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Last of the Beef!

Fremont, Wi. #central #beef #Ebt.

One of the few farms that accept EBT! Down to the last 1/2 available or (3) quarters of beef available . A 1/4 is a good option to get a smaller amount. A split 1/2 is a half of a half, so you get some of everything, but not as much all at once. Great for a small family to get some great tasting beef! Going in early August, processing will take about 3 weeks before it’s ready for pickup. $2.75 per hanging weight lb. for the beef, plus processing which runs about $1.23 per hanging weight lb.

We have some going in November available yet. A quarter typically weighs in at around 170-190 lbs. Take home weight is aound 120-140 lbs.

$50 deposit required per quarter ordered, applied to final invoice once hanging weight is known. Mostly grass fed, we feed a small amount of grain each day just to have interaction with the cattle to make them easier to manage . Angus and piedmont mixed, nice filled out beef. They have been on pasture since day 1, never in a pen or feed lot.

Some still available that are going in November.

Processing done at Harpers in Tigerton, they only do vacuum wrap so it stays fresh for a long time!

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