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For online ordering individual cuts, click on the ONLINE tab,then

the Brats, pork cuts, or beef tabs . Also a page for syrup and gaots milk soap.  Cost may be revised lower so after checking out,no need to pay until you receive confirmation. If already paid, a refund will be issued for any lower cost amount. No On-line payments are needed following checking out. 


If you aren't familar how to fill out a cut sheet, there are basically just a few things that are needed to be known. By each item, do you want it? If so, write how many in a package for steaks and chops and how thick-1/2" or 3/4"? For roasts, about how big of roasts to shoot for in a package. If not sure, I use 3lbs. If you don't want an item, put "grind" or "sausage" by the item. The standard ribs are the spare ribs. If you want spare ribs, write "yes". If you want Baby backs, write Baby Backs by the rib item.  When getting Baby Backs, the chops will be slightly smaller, and boneless as that will then be in the ribs. People often ask, "What are the hocks? The hocks are like your ankle. People generally make soup out of them. If you want them smoked, write "smoke" by that item.  I have a few recipes for them. The pour Irish soup is excellent. The hams generally weigh just over 20lbs per half of pig. Write 1/2's or 1/4rd by the item for the size you want them cut. Write "yes" or "no" by Smoked if you do or don't want them smoked. The same thing applies for bacon.. For the scraps, by sausage, just write "yes, plain, 1lb pkg" for just plain ground meat. The other options are Patties, which are not quite hamberger sized but seasoned and ready to throw on the grill. The cost for these are about the 1/3 of the cost of links or brats. Then do you want the back fat, which can be rendered into lard? Better than Crisco if you have the time to do it! How to do that is on the recipe page too. Niemuth's is good about calling if anything doesn't look right or is questionable, so make sure you have a phone number down where you can be reached during business hours. Check out the Tamworth attachment, research done by the U of K for what cuts and how much to expect from each part of the pig. We shoot for a 100 lbs hanging half herd average, so for a rule of thumb, 16% would be 16 lbs. The yields include all fat and backfat, so if that is trimmed off, as well as any deboning, the actual yield may be less than shown. Usually a 100 lb half comes to around 83 lbs including the backfat.

Now licensed for farm sales as well as mobile (Farmers Markets! Interested in just a taste? Call now to see what we have on hand. Bacon, chops, steaks, brats, and maybe ribs! Buy a few pounds instead of a whole or half of pig!
Try the pork without the "piggy" taste!
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