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Once we recieve your deposit, a fillable cut sheet will be emailed to you. You can fill that out, submit it, and once reviewed you will be emailed a printable copy for your records.By clicking on the icon below,  it will open a non-fillable cutsheet for refernance only.  A few things to remember when filling out a cutsheet:

1) For a 1/4 beef, the default is "Split Half" which is a half split in half, so you get something of everything. However, being they half to match a simular instruction for the other 1/4, they may have to change your steak thickness or roast poundage choice slightly. 

2) If a rear of front quarter is desired, we ask the buyer to try and find a buyer for the other quarter. A rear quarter will cost more per lb than the front quarter and more than what we advertise for a split half. Inquire for pricing if desiring a rear quarter. We havent had too much luck finding a buyer for the other quarter when a rear or front quarter is specified. 

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