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Bulk Beef 2024 Reservations!

It seems like we have had one challenge after another to overcome. Last year was no difference. The drought left us with lack of hay, and the quality of hay wasn't like it should of been, and the price of hay to buy what we were lacking was up, and we had to buy more. The pastures we replanted with a special mix that we found did the animals wonders with growth and health didn't come up due to the drought. Price of weaned feeder calves were at an all time high. Grain prices haven't come down much. This resulted in last years beef not being as big as we would of liked. It was hard to find customers that had money saved up to buy any bulk, even a quarter, as everything in life has a higher price tag today. I had to have both my hips replaced. However, it was good to get feedback from a couple of customers how good the flavor was in spite of all the challenges.

All this resulted in us having to make a few changes. It really doesn't make sense paying a hefty price for feeder calves if we can't find buyers that can pay the price it would cost for us to raise them. Plus, we really don't know what we are getting when we are buying. So we bought a few bred heifers which are due to have calves around May. This will mean less beef available, but we believe the end result will be even better beef than we had to offer before. If we know there are more buyers than we have beef available, we will see if we can find some decent feeder calves. But it doesn't make sense to buy some if we cant sell the end result at a break even price. So send us a note if your interested in a bulk portion, how much of a portion, and when it would be ideal, and we'll see if we can't accommodate you. No deposits required until a month before the processing date.

We believe the quality of out meat is a result how they are raised. They are outside on pasture all year, getting sun, fresh air and exercise all year long. They get our mixture of high quality of hay as much as we can make. And they get the same diet everyday, a little grain each day along with hay or pasture grass. We don't change their diet the month before processing. After all, if we had to change our diet drastically, how do we feel for thee first week? Last fall, we installed a watering post so they have access to clean, cool, fresh water now 24/7. No more tank water that algae seems to establish itself within a week of cleaning the tank. We feel this will only improve the flavor. Last year, pesty flies were also a problem. By eliminating the water tank, we hope this will help keep the mosquitos and fly's down. We also will be installing an oiling system that is meant to keep the pests from pestering the animals.

So of the 5 cattle we have going in this year, two are already spoken for. We will be trying to get them in for processing later in August or early September. Being we won't have as many available this year, we are turning to our existing customers first to see who and how many are interested. No deposit required until July, but just wondering as we will need to advertise early due to more people not having funds to buy bulk. Just send us a note and we will put you on a list and contact you again when we know the processing date and the price the beef will be at. No obligation, if you can't do it when the time comes, just let us know as soon as possible.

Most of all, thanks for your support through the years!



Curt & Cindy Pheifer



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