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Our pigs are out, running and rooting around---not cooped up. This has several benefits, but the most important is the meat is better flavored. Why? The pigs aren't stressed like a pen full of pigs, biting and hurting each other. Stress in pork causes it to have a "piggy" taste that to some is unappealing.The pigs are compassionate raised.

Nothing added to enhance growth!

We stay as natural as we can. Towards the end of 2012, there was a lot of bad news about pork. Consumers Report stated that the pork industry was giving drugs (ractopamine) to enhance growth, and to make their pigs leaner. What they found is that this acted as an antibiotic and was causing the viruses to become immune to antibiotics, and they feared that there was enough trace of this drug in the meat for it to have the same effect on humans if consumed. Shortly after this report, Russia refused shipment of over  $20 million  of pork that was ready to be shipped because the US couldn't test the meat to make sure it was free of this drug.China, of all places has banned this drug in their country.

Naturally Leaner

Tamworth's are also knowned as the "bacon pig" They are longer and leaner than "fat pigs" giving them a longer side for more bacon. The back fat (lard) is about half the thickness of a fat pig. That means your dollars are buying more meat, and not just fat.

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