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Service Area- Butcher Sales


Now licensed for farm sales and mobile Farmer's Markets so we can sell cuts of inspected meat, packaged and frozen. Looking for just a taste? Call to try our chops, steaks, brats, or we may have sirloin roasts too? Want just a ham? With a deposit we will save one for you. 


There is no question, Tamworth or any of the heritage breeds will cost more than commercial pork on the hanging weigth. However, there are several reasons for that. 

1. The breeding stock or even feeder pigs will cost more.

2. Tamworths may take up to 3 months longer to reach butchering size (8 months verses 5 months)

3. A pasture can only support so many pigs, so the heritage farmer doesn't have as many to sell to support his operation

4. A heritage pig farmer is concerned about the quality of his animals, not  about how many he can sell. Commercail pigs are often weaned within 4 weeks so he can get the sow bred sooner. Studies have shown that the longer the piglets can suck, the bigger and healthier they are.

5. There are several other costs a heritage pig farmer has that isn't as significant as a commercial pig farmer. Bedding in their sleeping area. In the winter when a sow farrows, in order for the piglets to servive in the cold, the temperature has to be maintained at 60 degrees or better. Unless he has a lot farrowing at the same time, it adds alot of cost per piglet.


So with that said, at $2.25 / lb, on a 100lb hanging half it will cost around $225 for the pig. Processing will cost another $85-$100 depending what gets smoked and what is done with the ground meat.

 A customer that had a 100lb half said she got 85 lbs back, which included the soup bones. Another requested to have the smoked meat done MSG free, and she said that Niemuth did it for a very minimal extra cost!.

So when it is all said and done, with more actual meat back from the hanging weight, it really isn't much more than a normal commercial pig, but with a better flavorful pork!

Service Area- Meat Sales


 While most of our sales are in the Fox Valley and Waupaca areas, our meat goes where ever it is desired within WIsconsin. We have a good customer base as far south as Milwaukee. As long as we can have decent sales, we'll go where it is wanted! To Milwaukee, we tend to make stops along the way. For trips like that, we like to have $400 total sales to make it pay, which isn't too hard to do as long as we can have time to line sale up along the way. Oshkosh, Fond du lac, West Bend, and even people from Waukesha County have met us at the state fair park. If you can't find someone to help us meet $400 for a 100 mile trip, we can try! 

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