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Why we accept EBT and SNAP payments

It’s amazing that I get so many rude comments for posting that I accept EBT and SNAP payments. Clearly, a lot of people don’t understand how it works nor understand why people need assistance.

First of all, I have to pay the same amount as a big chain grocery store to be able to accept EBT payments. So why do I do it?

Some people think that it’s only free loaders that use EBT. I have found that not to be the case.

Not many people use it, I’m guessing because not many farms pay the price to be able to accept it so they don’t know it’s available. But for the few years we did accept it, we have had a few young mothers that were or had been battling a dreadful disease, mainly cancer, that wiped out everything they had been saving for, their dreams, and strength and either lost their job or couldn’t work like they could before they became I’ll. So they came to us to find food that was free of so much that is found in commercial food nowadays. I just ask, before someone posts ride comments, please just scroll on as you probably don’t know all the circumstances. After dealing with these young mothers, I’m sure you would be hoping for the best for them so their kids could grow up knowing their mothers. I can’t ask about their circumstances, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the others their husbands may also be in the similar circumstances. Let's not be so judgmental people!

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