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The savings by buying in bulk

For those that never bought bulk beef before, here is something that might make it better to understand. I disagree with her “don’t buy a 1/4 of beef because you don’t know what cuts you’ll get” statement- but buying a “split half”, you’ll get all cuts of meat from a half, it’s essentially a half of a half. I believe she is talking about buying a front quarter or a rear quarter. Front is mostly ground and roasts while the rear is mostly ground and steaks— we can sell each of these, but because of the difficulty finding another person to take the rear or front that’s left over, we ask the customer to find another person they know that will take the opposite quarter of you want the front or rear quarter, we can also try, but mostly have been unsuccessful . The price of processing is also way too cheap. Since her article, it went up a lot this last year. Her weights are also on the small side, our quarters average 150 -170 lbs, (300-340 for a half) But anyway, this shows the saving potential of buying in bulk. Never ordered so you feel you wouldn’t know how or what to order? We make that easy too. See our beef cutsheet page on our website. After you order your beef, fill it out, the possible choices are shown, submit it and I’ll send a printable copy back too you. After the beef are delivered to the processor, I’ll let you know and within the next 3 days you can call the processor, go over your order, ask questions or make changes. We try and make it as easy as possible for the first timer.

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