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More pork in stock now

it will be a while before we get any more due to getting rid of the pigs until we get rebuilt. #eastcentralwisconsin #pork #beef #EBT Fremont, Wi. We picked up a boat load of pastured pork yesterday! Bacon, ham slices, and a lot of brat flavors are now back in stock! We can deliver just about anywhere, delivery price is determined by the amount of orders we receive along the way. A couple of our favorite brats. Bacon cheeseburger (with real bacon bits and cheese) , Taco & cheddar (great in a tortilla with your favorite toppings and it’s mostly mess free!), Sweet Italian & Mozzarella, Jalapeño & Hot pepper to name a few. Also Maple breakfast links that use real maple syrup for flavor. See our online store. All payment methods accepted including #EBT. No need to pay when ordering though, choose pickup at farm & cash at delivery, and we can figure out the payment and delivery/pickup afterwards. Packages are weighed and total may be lowered to match our price per lb. So the final total may be lower than your checkout total, but we will never be higher if packages are heavier than what is listed. Our Store has several different pages and broken down by category to make it easier to find what your looking for.

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