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German Bologna

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Here is a tasty Bologna, made for all our pastured Tamworth pork. Something new, and we aren’t disappointed!. I previously had it listed at A price that was for a full lb, and realized they are about 0.85 lbs. So I reduced the price to $4.50 ea. As with everything, we’ll weigh the products, and adjust the total after you check out to reflect our. normal $/lb price. We will never raise the total over your checkout total, even if the weights come over what we have listed. Choose pay at delivery option to pay with cash or check. I believe a debit card is fee free too— just need to know so I have the card reader along. The PayPal button can be used if that’s all you use, but they due charge us 2.75% fees which we have to add on to the total—prices are “fee free” prices.

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