First Time customers feedback...

Just received this nice note from a customer trying her first Caledonia Corral Tamworth pork for the first time.......

“We tried out the bacon Sunday morning and had pork chops for supper. Both were really good, I, especially liked the nitrate-free bacon because it was super tasty and did not mess with my acid reflux at all.”

The nitrate-free bacon she mentions is bacon we had done to Whole30 standards. Besides being pastured, it is also msg free and sugar free.

Get yours at

Also Dale Gas & Oil, Inc. , Antique Up - Kimberly

Truly #SomethingSpecialFromWisconsin

Take note #FarmFreshAtlas customers


In order to reduce dependence on grains, we have started a fodder system so we can feed week old barley sprouts. There are a lot of tricks to that and need to make some changes for it to excel, but we hope that by summer we can eliminate grain for our butcher stock. The cattle has been grain free since last spring.

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