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“Beef” Promo code, get 5 packages for $20 until October 30 or until supplies run out.

This months promo, good until

October 30 or until Supplies run out.

Buy 5 ground beef for $20. Use promo code “beef” at checkout.

Our beef has been without corn for over a year now. Instead we have been growing and feeding a highly nutritious barley fodder ( week old barley sprouts) which is easier to digest, less toxin build up, and while

The fat content may be less, It has a great flavor, steaks are tender, and the burger stays together.

Order on-line on our website. Check out all our products— beef, pork, goat, maple syrup, goats milk soap at Click on “Load more” if you see it to see all our products. No online payment or delivery necessary . Click on “pickup at farm” and “Cash at delivery” at checkout. All payments accepted, including EBT/ SNAP.

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