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A top notch recommendation recieved!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

A lot of people envision grass fed beef as being too lean, too dry, and not very flavorful. We haven’t fed out beef any grain now for over a year. We grow and raise barley fodder ( with a little field peas and black oil sunflower added) that after a week of sprouting, we feed to the animals and they eat roots and all. Sure, there is less fat, but it still results in some tender, juicy and tasty beef. Currently our pork is about 1/2 fodder/ 1/2 grain. Our winter project is to get them on all fodder too. This is a recommendation we received on our Caledonia Corral Facebook page…….

OMG! i just made their grass fed ground beef for the first time. It is amazing!!! Juicy, full of flavor, and not fatty. I will definitely be getting my meat from here from now on.

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