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After checking out, and product is confirmed, we'll be in contact with you with the final total. It will mostly likely be lower than checkout due to listed prices are for packages about 25% bigger than the average size. We will weigh your order and figure your total on it's regular price per pound instead. If you end up with more lbs of meat, your total will never go over the checkout total. If paid by Paypal at checkout and the weighed total is less than what you paid, a refund minus Paypal fees will be refunded back to you. We pay the extra to have all products vacuum sealed for maximum freshness!  Payment can be texted, Facebook messenger, Bank (PopMoney) or choose "Offline Payment".  Using PayPal with a debit card or a cash balance there is no fees (choose Friend, then direct from bank account) , with PayPal or a credit card there is a 2.7% fee that will be added to the final total after confirming. No On-Line payments are required immediately after checking out! SNAP & EBT customers, choose the "Offline Payment" ! Thanks for checking us out! On mobile devices, make sure you click "Load More" at end of page to see ALL our products!

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