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Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

1 Pound

Typically 2 delisious Sirloin steaks per package. May be a smaller package with only one in it. All our beef is mostly grass fed--

just a little grain each day with hay and grazing, We don't finish off on just grain like a lot of folks do. This resuluts in a tender beef and a great flavor, but not an excess amount of fat. About 1.3 lbs. Packages will be weighed and priced accordly to the price/ lb--therefore online payment is not required. Choose "Cash at delivery" and any payment method and delvery or pickup time can be determined after order is placed.  Your order total most likely will be less than what shows at checkout, but even if weights are more than what the website has figured, we will never ask for more than the checkout total. 

  • Ordering and payment

    It is required by law to sell meat by the price/ lb. Since packages can vary in weight, we have a little larger than average size figured for the product, We will weigh each package and adjust your total downward to reflect the actual products price/ lb. If the  package weighs in heavier than what was figured for the product, your order total will never exceed what shows as your checkput total. Therefore, since the total will most likely be lower than your check out total, it makes it simplier if you choose "Cash at delivery" at checkout. After you place your order, you still can use any payment method and we will let you know the revised total, and determine a delivery or pickup time. 

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