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Deposit for Uncut (Whole)  Regular Smoked Ham

Deposit for Uncut (Whole) Regular Smoked Ham

A deposit to reserve a real smoked gem, typically cooked at 325 for 3 hours. Typ 12-16 lbs, and will be billed at $6.19 / lb. Real smoke, pastured flavorful, as one elderly lady told us, “ it’s like the ham she had when she was a kid” . Deposits are applied to purchase total and are considered non-refundable unless we can find another custoner to take it as you ordered it. Inquire about available date as these aren’t a stock item. Once the ham is obtained, we will Bill it at $6.19 / lb minus the deposit. Generally we have whole and 1-2 hams made up at Easter and Christmas, but they can be ordered all year long.
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