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More than 1 lb Whole30 Bacon

More than 1 lb Whole30 Bacon

1 Pound

Smoked without MSG, Sodium Nitrates, AND SUGAR for those trying to stay away from sugar. Salt is still needed for the curing process and needs to be part of the process. Done to Whole 30 standards—- Pasture raises, real smoke but no msg, sodium nitrate, nor sugar. About 1.2-1.5 lb packages.Once order is placed, packages will be weighed and priced accordingly, $9.29/ lb, most likely the total will be less than what checkout shows, but will never be higher. To wait to pay until everything is weighed and figured, at checkout, choose pickup at farm and cash at delivery. All forms of payment excepted including SNAP and EBT. Delivery or pickup times and dates will be communicated after checkout. A $10 delivery charge may be applied for delivery greater than 30 miles. FoxValley, Oshkosh, Waupaca, New London areas can be delivered without charge as enough orders can be fulfilled. Other areas also if a reasonable amounts of orders are received along the way.

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