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What a Month

It certainly has been an unusual month. It makes it a lot easier to clean and defrost freezers when they are empty. This year, we will not be able to do Oshkosh Farmers Markets due to a lack of product to sell. I encourage faithful market goers to follow the market page (click on the bold to go there) as this year more than any, things may change week to week. You are encouraged to arrange orders with vendors ahead of time to limit amount of time lingering. The market is planned to run all Saturdays June through October, then going indoors which was in the Menominee Nation Arena the last couple of years.

We started up an online ordering. What a pain to set up, but once going, very few hiccups. It helps keep track of inventory. Products will be slim to choose from, but we are talking with other farmers to list their products there too, so we may have more items to offer in the near future. Reguardless, we will keep the online going even if we run out as the reviews from the customers have been very encouraging. And hopefully by Christmas we will be back stocking up. With that said, keep tuned as things and inventory keeps changing here too. I have a couple of small freezers that I will put in Inventory when it goes in the big freezer, so some of the items listed as out of stock, I may have a few more yet and will update as I get time.

We have the stuff needed to grow our own fodder as not only the price of grain seems to be pressured to change, but the quality due to the last couple of years has deminished, and the growth rate of our animals took a hit. They fill out nice, just a littler shorter. Hopefully the fodder will be consistent. Other than that, the first crop of hay looks promising!

So much for trying to stagger litters our. We have 4 that look to be ready next month. One that was scheduled to see the sausage man in July is bagging up- she hasn’t had a litter for over a year.

Thanks for your support to keep us going! This pic our daughter took out of her bedroom after a hard storm. The beauty after a storm can be comforting and trying to say— you made it through the storm.

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