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Sirloin Tip Roast

Sirloin Tip Roast

1 Pound

5 All our beef is mostly grass fed--

just a little grain each day with hay and grazing, We don't finish off on just grain like a lot of folks do. This resuluts in a tender beef and a great flavor, but not an excess amount of fat. ABout 2.75 lbs. No need to pay online, choose "Cash at delivery" at check out. Payment method & Delivery / pickup time can be determined after checkout. Meat will be weighed and priced will be adjusted down if need be to reflect the actual price/ lb. 

  • Ordering & Payment

    Being packages vary in weight, once placing an order, all items will be weighed and priced accordingly and your total will be lowered if packages are smaller. However, no matter what size the packages weigh in at, we will never raise your total over your checkout total. No need to pay online, just choose “Cash at delivery” and any form of payment can be used. Delivery or pickup times can be determined after the order has been placed.

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